W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

In last weeks archaeology in the news post, I wrote about an article that spoke of the many archaeological monuments right here in Michigan. This is my favorite article that I read throughout this class for one reason: it highlights the fact that archaeology is going on everywhere. When we first started this class, one of the biggest misconceptions that I had was about where archaeology really goes on. As I’ve said in a number of other posts, when I thought of archaeology I imagined it to only be happening at desert sites in Egypt or in ancient cities like Teotihuacan. While these sites are absolutely incredible and rich archaeological sites, they are not the only places where archaeology goes on. Archaeology goes on everywhere in the world, even in our backyards. This idea is something that has been consistently reinforced throughout the course of this class, and I think this article is a good representation of that.

This class went a long way in dispelling misconceptions that I had about archaeology. As a business major, I had little to no previous knowledge about what archaeology truly was. I am glad that I will be able to take this information with me moving forward.

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  1. I also had the misconceptions that archaeology only happens in exotic places like Egypt or ancient cities. However, this and many other misconceptions were eliminated after I took this class. Indeed, archaeological projects can happen everywhere. Once that archaeology studies people’s past, it can happen everywhere where people once lived. I also started this class with very little knowledge about archaeology. I mostly had the stereotypical image of archaeology portrayed by the popular media most of the time. Even though I do not consider following a career in archaeology, taking this class was a good experience for me. I learned what archaeologists really do and how they do it (the basics).

  2. Hello! I really appreciate your post. Your article and it being about archaeology going on right here in Michigan and how it exemplifies that archaeology is going on all over the world really makes a great point. I had an article last week that was about an ancient campsite in Canada that was found literally feet from a highway. To me it highlighted that you never know where artifacts and sites of pasts lives may be found. Like you said, it can literally be in our backyards. For me, it makes the world that much smaller. We are all sharing this space, just at different times.

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