Archaeology in the News Reflection Week 7 Kasandra Purkey

My favorite news story was the clay figurine being repatriated. This article was important to me because I want to work in Museums. I am a history major and I want to work in museums because I think it has a better chance of getting young teens interested in history as well as being able to help repatriate artifacts specially Native American. We just discussed many of the laws and ethics surrounding repatriation and artifact care. This week was mostly review for me but it still is the most interesting thing for me to learn. It is an issue that plagues the entire world every culture but there just is not enough people that care enough to  make a big difference. I think every remain is worthy of protection and study and when artifacts are lost to thieves and the black market everybody loses. I want to be involved in stopping this and returning items. Museums are meant to protect but often employ sneaky rules and regulations on a group hoping to have items returned so that they are unable to receive them. It is not just thieves and looters that steal artifacts from cultures, refusing to return items to groups on technicalities is just as bad.

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