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My favorite news article that we read in this class was the ‘A New Human Relative’ article that was a part of the top ten discoveries from 2015. This was not a post from the Archaeology in the News assignments, but I think it was the best article by far. I have always been extremely interested in the evolution of humans but new really thought I would get to know much more about within my lifetime. This article made me think we might be able to learn more about our origins at any time. I am a little skeptical that the remains are really what they think they might be, but it is interesting none the less.

My favorite article from an archaeology in the news post was about the oldest stone tools ever found. The article suggested that older groups of hominids used stone tools than previously thought. This was interesting to me because I think many people often underestimate humanities ancient ancestors. I would like to know more about when humans really became conscience or if they have always been that way. After reading more archaeology articles, I have realized that there are a lot more unanswered questions about the past that I am interested in.

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  1. I, too, am very interested in the evolution of early humans. I remember the article you are speaking of and I also found it interesting. I once got a chance to see “Lucy”. She was an early hominid, Australopithecus afarensis. It was quite an amazing thing to see a skeleton from so long ago. It was a little mind blowing.
    I also am very interested in stone tools and how far back they are in the archaeological record. I agree with you that I believe our early human ancestors are underestimated in their abilities and accomplishments. Great post, thank you!

  2. I also found that one of my favorite articles was “A New Human Relative.” I was so intrigued by the possibility of finding a previously missing factor to fill in a gap of human evolution. I loved that it was discovered by cave explorers, and not by archaeologists searching for it specifically. It does make you think about the possibility of finding crucial discoveries at any point, and that there is so much out there that we have yet to come across. I’m not sure which article you are referring to about the stone tools, but I agree with you that the findings of early hominids consistently changes their previously assumed characteristics. In this case, the first stone tool use dates back to farther than we had thought.

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