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Out of all the “Archaeology in the News Blog Posts” the one which I found the most interesting one was, “In Cyprus Muslim And Orthodox Christians Start Restoring Monuments, Churches And Mosques In Act Of Peace”. This article talks about various sites in Cyprus being restored, which were earlier destroyed during the illegal Turkish military occupation. These sites included various Christian churches, monasteries and mosques. During this time many structures were destroyed. But this is the 21st century, people are getting to know that wars lead to nothing but destruction. They have started a joint restoration project to restore all these sites. Cyprus, Muslim and Orthodox Christian, also many archaeologists and engineers have come together to make this project possible. They already received 725,000 euros from the EU fund which completed the initial phase.
This is one such project that have come to light, there many other such projects going on in my country too. As it was colonized by the British and before that invaded by the Mughals, our history have been through a lot. This means a lot of damage has been done to our culture of that time. Therefore it has been aptly said by Theodore Roosevelt, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” I wish that more such restoration projects take place and we get to know more about our true history. This course has helped me a lot in learning various aspects of archaeology. I could not have taken a better course instead of this.

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  1. With how many articles we read about destruction and poor preservation of archaeological sites, it is refreshing to read one about an effort to restore and maintain these sites. This article goes to show that even though it is an ongoing struggle to preserve these pieces of history, there are still people out there who care about preservation. One of the biggest lessons that I took away from this course is the fact that we all have a shared history. This history belongs to every single human on this planet. It is awesome to see how many people recognize the importance of learning about and preserving this history.

  2. I actually had not read or heard of this before reading this post, so that is really exciting to learn about! I love hearing stories of diverse people coming together to solve a problem, especially regarding religion which is so controversial.

    As the previous comment said, we all share a common history, and although our ancestors may have led different lives, they were all a piece of this world in one way or the other, and mutual respect among us all should always be sought after!

  3. I think this is an interesting news. Discover and protection seem to always be the two main problem in the news I read this summer, and this one is about protection. But this one is much more interesting because it involves two totally different religions. No matter what happened before, they still share the same history, and would need to work together to recover it. And I think that is the reason they begin to start the joint restoration project to restore all these sites. So it is really a great news to know how people nowadays value the history and preserve it.

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