W7 Archaeology in the News Post

For my final Archaeology in the News post  instead of using one of the old one I used in the past, I found an article titled “Ancient Greek fortress found in Crimea”. This find by the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Archaeology were the remains of a tower and wall from a fortress built more than 2000 years ago during the period of the Bosporan Kingdom. This discovery was located in Crimea and were discovered during an excavation on the Kerch peninsula by the village of Gornostayevka  which is on the Kimmersky rampart. It is believed that these ramparts were built and fortified to protect the Greek Colonial Kingdom of Bosporus. Among things that were found were a antique stone tower that was said to be well preserved as well as a variety of graves that were discovered. Among these graves a women’s tomb was discovered and buried with her was a pitcher and plate, a bronze mirror, beads and earrings. I thought this post was really interesting because it taught me a but more about ancient Greek territories and also made me think of how they would possibly begin to date these things based on what we have learned about seriation and radiocarbon dating. I hope that this discovery will teach more about the Bosporan colony and its significance to archaeology. This one honestly turned out to be my favorite because the others I found didn’t necessarily stand out to me like this one did. I am hoping this fulfills my final post for this specific kind of post for this post was indeed my favorite.

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