W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

For this week, I have an article called ‘Italian Customs Seize Huge Haul of Roman Artefacts.’ I think it is a meaningful news. As we have seen the ‘Diggers’ for this week, one element from that TV show is they marked the potential value for each artifact they found. In this news, actual high value artifacts are trade by professional smugglers or thoughtless tourists. For tourists, they may do not have a clear idea about what they took, and that comes with a poor archaeological common senses for many people. They just attracted by those artifacts and took them as they want, while totally do not understand the in-fact value of them. To improve that, we may need more promotional actions such as advertisements or short videos about archaeology. However, some of those archaeology related TV programs just like ‘Diggers,’ which emphasized the value of artifacts too much, may kind of encourage people to become smugglers. For archaeology, we do need to promote some basic ideas, such as protection; however, these would be a little boring for many people and commercialization seems to be unavoidable, but cannot go too far. So it is really important to get a balance between them. And really happy to see those artifacts could be saved by Italian customs.

URL: https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2016/08/italian-customs-seize-huge-haul-of.html#AlhOO0AlvBTWIDOI.97

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