W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

My favorite news story during this class would have to be the article titled “Mexico finds water tunnels under Pakal tomb in Palenque” because it was a find that was just so extraordinary and unlike most archaeological finds in any of the other articles. It was a large underground water tunnel found underneath a tomb in Palenque. This was just so fascinating to me because it was able to evade archaeologists for so long despite its enormous size. I was also very interested in the ceremonial burials conducted in Teotihuacan that we learned about and when this article mentioned a similar tunnel found underneath a tomb in Teotihuacan, my attraction towards this article only increased. In ceremonial burials and rituals, almost everything done has a meaning in some way and I believe this is why I was most interested in these types of finds. I enjoy trying to understand the meaning behind specific actions or artifacts in the process of burying people. Why were they buried with beads? Or why were they buried on their side with their head cut off? These types of questions intrigue me and so the meaning of this underground water tunnel along with pools of mercury found in the tomb as well was a challenge for me to figure out.

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  1. The concept of burial was one that has always been really interesting. I was more interested when I learned that early hominins used burial techniques and were significantly less intelligent than modern Homo Sapiens. To me it shows that regardless of time or period people have always cared about the manner in which they handle their dead. I enjoyed reading this piece because of the concept on which it is written about. I thought I was well written and pretty fun to read.

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