W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

I think that my favorite overall Archaeology in the News story was actually the one I wrote about last week, “Human burial found in the middle of sacrificial altar at Mt. Lykaion”. The reason this one stood out to me at the time was because I am quite interested in Greek mythology, and Mt. Lykaion was believed to be the place Zeus was born and raised. Additionally, the site had been previously known to contain animal sacrifices but, until recently, human remains had not been found. Of course, considering we had just discussed different dating methods, I was also curious as to how they had dated the remains.

What makes it stand out in my mind, however, is that when I returned to write my blog comments, I stumbled upon someone else having written on the same article from a different source! And going through my comments at one more student had also stumbled upon the same article and done a write-up for it! Going through the article from the perspective of different students also allowed me to learn even more about it that wasn’t discussed in the article I had originally read. In particular, I found out that the remains may have been associated with a smaller myth in Greek mythology, wherein the meat of a human were cooked with those of some animals and consumed alongside them. Perhaps the remains found on the site were related to the myth, and perhaps not, but either way it was exciting to learn more about the site even after having done a small amount of my own research.

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  1. As a fellow lover of all things pertaining to Greek Mythology I enjoyed reading this post. I thought it was really thorough and detailed and explained just why it was a favorite for you. I enjoy the fact that enthusiasm was put into this post because it was rather clear why this was a favorite and there was no debating why. It made me really happy to see that others had used the same article for their post and definitely piqued my interest about the actual myth behind the site and remains. It is something that I am now aware of and will have to look into. Overall enjoyed reading this post. Good job!

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