W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

I really loved the article that proved that ancient Greece may have been a part of human sacrifices in the past. I think that this was my favorite post for many reasons. It illustrates how important archeology is to exploring the past and learning more about it. The fact that you can use it to find out more about an ancient culture can give us so much information and insight about the past. It also allows us to determine what kind of society could have been inhabiting the site and what their rituals and daily activities were. The fact that there could have been human sacrifice in Greece is a huge eye opener to the world and it also allows us to see Greece in a different light. The society that was basically the center of civilization in the past is now portrayed as barbaric and an area that may have performed human sacrifices and other barbaric attributes. Aside from this, the article also explains how artifacts and dig sites are vital to discovery of the old problems. In my opinion, it was the most important article as it demonstrated the importance of archaeology that we have learned so far in the course.

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  1. This was also a big favorite of mine! The article did mention that human sacrifice had been suspected for a long time, but that it had never been proven! I also think it’s amazing that only a small percentage of the site has been excavated thus far, and will be really excited to hear what else is discovered in the coming years!

  2. The article about Greece participating in human sacrifice was pretty interesting. It is interested how long it has taken for our society and culture to develop into what it is today. We have strong ties to the ancient Greece culture and yet we still do not know so much about it. We previously learned just how much government and culture affects the everyday lives of humans. It affected them to the point of human sacrifice. In what ways was that supported through the culture? It is a very interesting question. When did we decide to reject that part of the culture?

  3. This was the article I chose as my favorite as well. While the evidence (or lack thereof, techincally) seems to suggest that human sacrifices were rare in ancient Greece, perhaps they were possible. However, since no cause of death was established in the article, it is entirely possible that the individual that was found had died of natural causes.

    That said, their body was found amongst animal sacrifices, so it is distinctly possible that they, too, were sacrificed. Or perhaps the sacrifice was to help ensure that the individual made it to the Elysian Fields (the Greek equivalent of heaven).

    Either way, I don’t really believe that human sacrifice necessarily makes the Greeks barbaric. Granted, it’s hardly a good thing, but one could also say that about the Roman blood sports in the Colosseum, and I don’t think many would argue that the Romans were barbaric.

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