W7 Reflection Post

After watching this video of a TV show called “Diggers”, I can say that either those two guys are extraordinarily genius or just two impostors. Before taking this course I would have thought that these guys were some great archaeologists finding artifacts and describing them instantly. But now I can say with confidence that these two men are not archaeologists. Probably really great actors, but not archaeologists. The way they go around digging and explaining the history behind each item in such detail is just dubious. These are just, two men, with a metal detector going around digging stuff from the ground just because they have a TV show, which is also very aptly named, “Diggers”, because they just dig stuff. I am not saying that they did not have any prior archaeology knowledge but it is just that the way they portray stuff happening on camera, which is just not true.


So the episode starts out with two men having metal detectors and which are “enthusiastically” looking for something under the ground. They then exclaim to each other as if they have found something of high significance, which is obviously done to make the viewers more intrigued. Furthermore they go on describing in great detail about what they had found and its significance. This is outrageous. They do not any sort of analysis before declaring which era it belonged to. There are several techniques involved in dating an artifact and then do research on it to tell what significance it had. But these guys, so called “experts” just go on digging up bullets and other tools from the ground and showing off on camera by making some fake story about it. Like the last one where they create drama and suspense by saying it could be the first bullet fired of that war. They just want the viewership, that’s all. One thing more which they did which is just very unethical in terms of archaeology was that after finding something they would have a potential value to it. That is quite absurd. Not knowing its true value in terms of history and culture, they just give it some monetary value. Also, after digging up on various places they did not do anything to preserve the field. They should know that after excavating an area, its cultural value is lost if its not preserved properly.


All these things show how made up this TV show is, which does not even come close to showing what real archaeology is about. Real archaeologists dig very carefully, after doing extensive research on an area. After that they use techniques to analyse the data and artifacts gathered, then the reach some conclusion. Obviously this show misleads the public. The people from National Geographic channel should take some action.


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