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After watching an episode of Digger called “Bleeding Kansas”, I realized that after taking this course it has given me a completely different view on archaeology and its meaning. As these two “archaeologists” explore the land for artifacts and look for something from the war that had happened before hand in the area, it becomes clearer and clearer that the two are not real archaeologist. It is just a show about these two actors who are trying to reel in viewers by pretending to be archaeologists. In reality, they are really just hunting for treasure and you can even tell that they are looking for an artifact in order to make money. One of the actors even talks about the amount of money they could make off the bullet that they could potentially find. Aside from that comment, you can tell the show cares about money in relation to artifacts as they constantly tell you the potential worth of each and every artifact that they find. They paint archaeologists to be these looters who go around the world and find artifacts in order to sell them and gain money. Aside from this i found it hilarious that the two men would find an artifact and somehow know everything about it without even studying it sending it in for analysis and having any tests done on it. They were literally just making stuff up and also making assumptions in order to get the viewers interested. They really just wanted to make it seem like they knew what they were doing, when in reality they were just searching for money. There were no tests done to illustrate what time period it was from, or where it came from. The two men just used guess work to describe the history of the object that they found. And it seems like a real archaeologist would contain the dig site and there would be much more preservation involved in trying to find artifacts and restoring it as much as they could. As we know archaeology is not a preservative process, yet it tries its best when it comes to such things. These two have no care for preserving the dig site, yet are just digging up artifacts in search for a quick score. They don’t really use proper tools or any archaeological process. All these are reasons it is unethical for archaeology and frankly, an archaeologist would find it pretty offensive to their line of work.

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  1. I also think that watching the show made me realize that I have learned a lot about archaeology since the start of the class. It is interested to see how something like that is just so wrong. I think most people would realize that the show is a poor representation, but now we can see just how wrong it is. The two hosts did not follow any of the ethics an archaeologist is supposed to. I do not really know much about the show but I wonder what kind of response it was getting from the professional community. It probably was not pretty.

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