Week 7 Reflection post Bleeding Kansas Kasandra Purkey

With in five minutes I am completely disgusted by this show. I had never heard of it before and I am glad for that. This guys just running around digging holes undermines a lot that archaeologists hope to accomplish in teaching the public about what their job is and how important it actually is. The main thing that disgusts me the most is when they are pulling items out of the ground they are raving about how awesome and priceless the find is but for example the sword scabbard it is only worth twenty five bucks. With how expensive there equipment is I can not imagine how with finds worth less than thirty bucks make this worthwhile. At the first location they just seemed to be in it for themselves taking and not documenting location or anything about how they found it. The second site they were invited to help determine a location so the stagecoach company could bring in a real archaeological excavation. If every dig they were at allowed this I would think it would be beneficial to the archaeologically community. I would be interested to see if there were like official surveyors or if when an archaeological team comes in they condemn the actions taken as it contaminates the site. They do not document any process of their activities so I can not imagine that the team after them would accept their findings as legit. It is just as selfish endeavor by two guys. They are not taking these items to museums or historical societies, the show will not even show what they do with the artifacts after the collect them, they do not even prove that they items and times are legit. They just really are full of themselves honestly, at the battle field claiming they have found they the first bullet fired in the civil war, at a battle field that is arguably the first battle of the civil war. Two shady guys walking around in the woods in it just for the money makes wanting to help a legitimate archaeologist with information, whether it be potential sites, or bad guy catching. They are not helping archaeologists they are helping themselves, by skirting around laws that protect against this kind of behavior. At least when Indiana Jones does it he wants to put it in a museum. There was a quote from the reading “Caring for Americas Cultural Heritage” about natural resources, it reads “But most legislators have a legal background, and in the course of legally defining national resources, they realized that properties of historic value must be included. After all, they reasoned, how many Monticellos do we have? Aren’t archaeological sites nonrenewable resources too?” I think these guys should have probably read this entire reading.

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  1. You came out guns blazing and I LOVED it! Great content right there. I agree with a lot of what you said because these guys are just out there for all the wrong reasons. Like you said, they are out there with their metal detectors searching for anything they can find, and placing a price point on it. They are not out there searching for information about our past like real archaeologists are. Those guys are just out there for their own personal gain, which in reality takes away from the all potential knowledge we could gain from these artifacts.

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