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The Great Flood-The massive flood in China has provided us with the information that the Xia dynasty may have truly existed. This flood may have devastated settlements and had even a thousand or more kilometers downstream and created chaos. The article states that around 1900 BCE, Chinese society was transitioning from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age. This data also correlates with what is called the Erlithou culture, which is known for palace buildings and bronze smelting workshops discovered near Zhengzhou which is located about 2500 kilometers downstream from Jishi Gorge. Many scholars have argued that Erilitou is a manifestation of the Xia dynasty. China’s historiographical traditions tell of the successful control of the great flood-leading establishment of the Xia dynasty and the beginning of civilization. The history of the food and Xia remain controversial because of the largest freshwater floods of Holocene and could account for the Great Flood. The date coincides with the beginning of the Xia which is the early 1900 BCE, several centuries later. This date is a transition from the Neolithic to Bronze Age in the Yellow River Valley supports hypotheses that the primary state level of society is an archaeological manifestation of the Xia Dynasty level.

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