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Hi everyone! My name is Nikki Silva and I’m a PhD Student in the Anthropology Department and I’ll be your Instructor this summer. I will be starting my 5th year in our program this fall and it will be my 5th year in Michigan. I am originally from Texas and graduated from Baylor University with my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology in the spring of 2012. I received my Master’s degree from MSU in the spring of 2014 and hope to be finishing my PhD in the next few years!

In the field excavating at Morton Village in Central Illinois during the summer of 2015.

In the field excavating at the Morton Village site in Central Illinois during the summer of 2015.

My research focuses on how cultural interaction affects community organization and the use of space. For my dissertation I will examine the Morton Village site in the Central Illinois River Valley near Lewistown, IL as a case study of cultural interaction. Morton Village dates to ca. A.D. 1300 and has evidence that two cultural groups interacted and cohabitated for a period of time. I’m interested in multiple scales of settlement and community patterns including the structure of households and the organization of activities at the village.

For the past 4 summers (including this summer), I have excavated at the site with Dr. Jodie O’Gorman (the creator of this course) and Dr. Michael Conner (Dickson Mounds Museum) in many different roles, including Research Assistant (2013), Field School Teaching Assistant (2014), Field Supervisor for the Taste of Archaeology Camp (2015), and Graduate Student Researcher (2016). Dr. O’Gorman has excavated at the site in some way every summer since 2008. The Morton Village Archaeological Project is a collaborative research project between MSU and the Dickson Mounds Museum (DMM) in Lewistown, IL.

In the field during the summer of 2016 excavations at Morton Village.

In the field during the summer of 2016 excavations at the Morton Village site.

I am very excited for this course and for all of you to learn about archaeology this semester! Please see below for information on contacting me during the semester!

Course Developer:

This online course was designed by Dr. Jodie O’Gorman, an archaeologist who works in the mid-continental U.S. on late prehistoric and early historic issues of cultural interaction. She has worked at or run excavations at several large community sites and has experience working in museums and in cultural resource management. Throughout the course she uses examples from the Morton Village site in west-central Illinois where she has worked since 2008.

Dr. O’Gorman will not be running this course, so please do not  contact her about it.

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