Week 3 – Doing Archaeology: The Archaeological Record and Fieldwork



  • 15-Question MC quiz (15 points):
    • Focus: Price chapters 5 and 6 and 4 lectures
  • Reflection Post (20 points):
    • Title: W3 Reflection Post
    • Category: W3 Reflection Post
    • Prompt: This week’s reflection post is really an activity that you will write 400-500 words about. Read through Patterson Problem pages 11-17. Then, using the illustration (Figure 1) and the information about each strata given on pages 16-17, answer the seven bulleted questions at the bottom of page 17.
  • Reflection Blog Comment (5 points each):
    • Prompt: (100 words each) Visit at least two other people’s reflection posts from this week (on Patterson’s stratigraphy exercise) and leave a comment on each.

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