Week 5 – Interpreting the Past: Part 2


*Don’t miss the film at the end of the Baby Bobcat in Illinois write-up! Only 8 minutes long.


  • 15-Question MC Quiz (15 pts):
    • Focus: over Renfrew and Bahn chapter 7, lecture and film
  • Reflection Blog Post (20 pts):
    • Title: W5 Reflection Post
    • Category: W5 Reflection Post
    • Prompt: (400 words) Visit the Top 10 Discoveries of 2015 and review each of the 10 finds (each is a couple paragraphs), then write your blog. In your post, start by listing and answering these questions: 1. Which discovery do you think is #1 – THE best?, 2. Describe the cultural material and its context, 3. What interpretation is made? Your blog post should consider the following: Why did you pick this as #1? What stirred your interest in this and other of the top 10 finds? What surprised you about the top ten discoveries overall?
  • Reflection Blog Comment (5 points each):
    • Prompt: (100 words each) Visit at least two other people’s reflection posts from this week (Top 10 discoveries) and leave a comment on each.

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