Week 7 – Ethics and A Life in Ruins



  • 15-Question MC Quiz (15 points):
    • Focus: over readings and lectures
  • Reflection Blog Post: (20 points):
    • Title: W7 Reflection Post
    • Category: W7 Reflection Post
    • Prompt: (400-500 words): National Geographic’s popular TV show “Diggers” caused consternation and concern among the professional archaeology community. Archaeologists have a long standing and fruitful history interacting with National Geographic and responded to archaeologists’ concerns in later seasons. You are assigned this earlier episode, “Bleeding Kansas,” as an example of the kind of activity that archaeologists find unethical and feel misleads the public about what archaeology is really all about. Using this week’s lecture and readings, along with what you have learned this semester about archaeology, discuss what archaeologists might find unethical in this video and/or promotes unethical behavior. Also identify discuss how the activity differs from archaeology.
  • Reflection Blog Comment (5 points each):
    • Prompt: (100 words each) Visit at least two other people’s reflection posts from this week (on ethics in archaeology) and leave a comment on each.
  • Archaeology in the News Reflection Post (10 points):
    • Title: W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post
    • Category: W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post
    • Prompt: (200 words) From all of the Archaeology in the News Blogs you and other students did this semester, what was your favorite news story and why?
  • Archaeology in the News Blog Comment (5 points each):
    • Prompt: (100 words each) Comment on two other articles posted this week.

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