Assignments & Grading

Blog Entries and Responses (25%) throughout the semester, students will be required to post at least 7 entries (1/week) to the course blog.  Each blog entry needs to be at least 250 words, and in response to a specific question (each week has a list of questions that students can choose from).  In addition to the posts, students are expected to respond to at least one post made by their fellow students.  The responses must be at least 150 words.  The topics of the posts should be a thoughtful response to a specific question posed by the instructor (check the Weekly Blog Questions section of the site for each week’s question). Posts are due by 5pm on each Wednesday, and the responses are due by 5pm on each Friday. Please note, the due dates for the Blog Entries/Responses in the final week of class are slightly different – check the Schedule for details. Students must complete both that week’s entry and response in order to get credit for the assignment.  If students meet all of the requirements for the assignment (due date, length requirement, required question), they will receive full credit.  If students don’t meet all of the requirements, they will not receive credit at all. Also, for each blog post, attach the appropriate weekly “category” (a what? click here to learn).

Why? This class is more than a read and regurgitate type of course. By having an assignment that requires you to write about the content of the class, you are being given a chance to think about the course content in a more constructive and intellectual way. The same goes for reading and responding to other student’s posts.

A note on the responses: Just like in any other class, keep it clean. It’s fine if you disagree with another student, but do so in a manner that is constructive and contributes to our learning about the topic; don’t be rude or insulting.

Weekly Quizzes (25%) there will be 7 quizzes, one each week. Every Friday, a quiz will be available for you to take in ANGEL. They must be completed by 11:59 pm Sunday. The quizzes will be 10 questions long, consisting of 10 multiple choice questions. You can use any notes or readings, but you will have only 30 minutes to take the quiz.

Why? The quizzes are open book because I want to emphasize comprehension, not memorization. The time-limit exists because there is an expectation that you will complete the readings and video lectures during the week, not during the quiz.

You Pick It Assignment (25%) during the semester, students will be expected to complete one report/review/interview/paper/video relating to archaeology that they discover outside of class. This can be a review of a book or journal article, or a summary of something related to archaeology that is happening in the news. You could review an online archaeology website or blog. You could visit an archaeological site and write a review of that experience, or conduct an interview with an archaeologist about their career, profession, or speciality (there are more of us than you think, and I can put you in touch with a handful if this is something you’re interested in doing). Perhaps you would like to do a more traditional research paper. The choice is up to you. The only requirement is that you draft a proposal and send it to me by the end of week 3. The proposal should be a paragraph including your proposed topic, your reason for choosing it, what you hope to learn from it, and how you are going to present it (paper, video, audio, etc.). I will review your proposal and get it back to you. Your assignments are due by Monday, August 15, but you can complete them at any time during the semester. All submissions must be posted on the blog. Some requirements: written assignments must be 750 words, while audio or video submissions should be at least 2 and half minutes long. As with your other posts, assign the blog post to the category “You Pick It Post”. There is a grading rubric available at this link discussing the five components of this project.

Why? Introductory courses can often be impersonal: you are given basic information, you process it, and then you move on. This assignment is designed to give you some choice about what it is you are learning about, and to move outside of the “classroom” and away from the scheduled readings to discover and explore something about archaeology that interests you. I want you to connect the things we learn in class to something archaeological that is outside of class. Also, these projects may give you a chance to meet and talk with real archaeologists about what they do, why they think it’s important, and what being an archaeologist is like.

Final Exam (25%) the final exam will be conducted at the end of the last week and completed on ANGEL. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam, which will be made up of 50 multiple choice questions and your choice of two short answer questions.


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