Ancient Aliens and Archaeologists

In yesterday’s lecture, there was one thing that really struck me. Though it was a very short mention, the History Channel program Ancient Aliens was brought up. Now, I’m not really one to believe in all of that and start preaching that aliens jump-started human progression, but I do have to admit that I’ve watched the show plenty of times – maybe even more than I’m proud of. The one thing about the show that always really strikes me is how truly believable they make it sound, and the expertise portrayed by the people speaking. Finally, I can understand how they make themselves sound so knowing of these ancient people.

Archaeologists are people who study things left behind by ancient cultures and try to deduce clues about the people of that time from the objects that they find. They’re interested in the culture of the people, not the objects themselves. They’re scientists, and as everyone knows, there are always a few scientists with crackpot theories. That’s exactly what clicked for me when Ancient Aliens was brought up in class yesterday.

So I rushed home at 9:50 and re-watched an episode of the show that I’d seen a few times before. Just as I thought, a large amount of the people speaking who weren’t labeled as “Ancient Aliens Experts” were in the archaeology field! In this specific episode, artifacts had been found in Egypt that were smaller scale models of planes similar to those that we use today, and entirely capable of flight if built on a larger scale. There were plenty of researchers (archaeologists) that had been studying these objects for years, working tirelessly to tie them to aliens that must have helped the ancient Egyptians construct full-size airplanes, or even spaceships.

While I was watching this episode, it dawned on me that even through this strange show on the History Channel, archaeology had been sneaking its way into my life long before I enrolled in ANP 203. Without my realizing, archaeologists have been showing me their value in society… even if they may not have conventional views about the things that they discover.

2 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens and Archaeologists

  1. While I’m not so big into the Ancient Aliens show, my dad is, and has even read quite a few books on the subject. And of course, he deems it necessary to share this information with me. It never really occurred to me that these people were trying to prove their conjectures through archaeology. Sure, it’s all a bit out in left field, but it’s still science and, as such, quite interesting to think about. These people are attempting to figure out how ancient Egyptians could possibly know about the technology required for flight, when it’s still a relatively new invention for us. Whether or not the Egyptians actually knew anything whatsoever about planes, helicopters, or any other aircraft, it certainly seems as though there is evidence pointing towards it, based upon some of the artifacts that archaeologists have uncovered.
    Of course, aliens seem to be a rather taboo subject in science that will get you on the fast track to being labeled as a crackpot scientist. That particular topic hasn’t much to do with archaeology. But, I happen to be of the same mind as you in that I find it especially interesting how the two link up when attempting to analyze certain ancient Egyptian artifacts and hieroglyphics.

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