Giant Skeletons in Wisconsin?!

The thing I remembered most from class today was the silly, obviously photoshopped picture of archaeologists kneeling beside a skeleton whose skull was as big as their entire body. Anyone with any sense would (hopefully, at least) realize that a photo like this is fake. However, while Googling more photos of giant skeletons to see if any of them were really convincing, I happened upon an article on a website called “Signs of the Time – the World for People Who Think” ( Seems legit, right?

This article starts right out by saying that this discovery is one for your “forbidden archaeology” file. Is it just me, or does that sound a little bit like the author insinuating that archaeologists are hiding things from us? That sort of rings a bell from class today… but it doesn’t stop there. The very next sentence states that “scientists are being stubbornly silent” about the discovery.

It goes on to talk about 18 enormous human skeletons found in Wisconsin in 1912; they were even published in the newspaper during that year. Although, strangely, no reports like this have been published after the 1950s – the author attributes that as being “do to the fear that people would question evolution, or if anything de-evolution.” And yes, she actually does misspell the word “due.”

The skeletons, though humanoid, were severely different from us. They had huge, elongated skulls – “much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day” – as well as six fingers/toes on each hand/foot instead of five, and molars even in the front of their mouth. After explaining them, the author goes on to state a quote from the Bible that involves giants walking the Earth – it’s almost like using pseudoarchaeology to justify religion, or something like that, I don’t know – and says “this is faulty logic to any scientist out there because I am using religous (another misspelling)/cultural history to fill a hole in science.” I’m not sure that it would be possible to find more than a handful of Christians who actually believe that giants existed on Earth before we did, just because the Bible says it.

At least we can all assume that these giants are real. I mean, the facts are obvious! But why were they there?

My answer? Well…


2 thoughts on “Giant Skeletons in Wisconsin?!

  1. It’s fun to look at pictures like the photoshopped skeletons and think, “what if?” It’s fun because we know it’s not real, but it’s fun to imagine. Then I see websites like the one you came across, and I realize that not everyone realizes that these things aren’t real.

    I don’t know if it’s because some people don’t have access to the education, because they’ve grown up in a context that encourages these beliefs, because they’ve chosen to believe against all reason, or if they’re maybe a little mentally incapacitated.

    But this author doesn’t seem to be trolling, that’s for sure. That blows me away. I mean, like you said, most people with any sense would realize that those photoshopped skeletons were fake. I think most people realize that random passages from the Bible can’t be applied scientifically, too.

    Literal Christians like this author though, wow. She genuinely seems to believe what she’s posting on the Internet. How do you argue with that? You’re tearing apart someone’s fundamental life beliefs by refuting the fact that not everything in the world matches up to the document their life revolves around, aren’t you?

    I don’t know what to do with people that believe crazy things that aren’t true. Arguing with them doesn’t work. It’s when they try to convince everyone else that it’s a problem…

    So I’d rather just keep laughing along with the memes 🙂

  2. This is an awesome blog post! Did they ever say anything about this being fake or anything like that? My immediate assumption is that this is a total fraud that someone created it to get their fifteen minutes of fame. I actually wrote my blog post for this week about the Piltdown Man fraud that happened early in the 1900’s. Similar to this, someone “discovered” human remains that just so happened to be the perfect match for the missing link between humans and apes. I question whether or not this was proven fake because eventually Piltdown Man was proven to be a total fraud. Like you brought up, there is definitely motivations for someone to create these giant skeletons. Aside from the religious reasons, there is motivation of getting some fame for discovering these giant humanoids that do not fit into any of our evolutionary knowledge. That is really what makes me think it is a fake though. It is just so far removed from what we know about hominid evolutionary history that it seems like someone probably just made this up. But I’m not going to knock the idea that this is some sort of ancient aliens, which, as long as we can provide some crazy reasoning, we can claim that as the absolute truth. And you just cannot argue absolute truths.

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