Scientology…Oh My

Scientology…Oh My

Last semester in my REL 220 class I had to do a presentation on Scientology. Then I analyzed L. Ron Hubbard’s “invented religion” from a religious perspective. I analyzed if Scientology could be classified as a religion or whether it was just a colt developed by a former science fiction writer. A class period or two ago we discussed scientology again and I was surprised because I never saw the “religion” as a form of pseudoarchaeology.  But after the definition of pseudoarchaeology was revealed I realized that scientology does fit under this classification. The religion is a “radical interpretation about the from outside of the scholarly archaeological community”. I remember being puzzled after learning that L. Ron Hubbard was a former science fiction writer and failed at his profession, I could not fathom and still cannot fathom why a group of individuals believe his interpretation of the beginning of time. Yes, his interpretation is fascinating but still baffling to say the least. I think one of the most interesting facets of scientology is about Xenu & O.T. level III, and this is where Hubbard reveals that engrams (negative thoughts, emotions) are actually caused by invasive body thetans of dead alien bodies. Therefore, our ancestors once interacted with aliens, were brain washed by them, and now we all have these body thetans that can potentially destroy our lives if we don’t comply with auditing and other services.

L. Ron Hubbard gained a lot of attention with this theory. He even got celebrities to join the religious movement. With his theory, like most other pseudoarchaeology there is no evidence. This is something that was developed and got public attention. Scientology has also become very profitable in recent years and average citizens and even celebrities pay a bundle of money to be a part of the movement.

I find  pseudoarchaeology quite interesting because of how bazar the findings and theories are.

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  1. I agree with your interpretation of scientology. I too was puzzled by the fact that the “religion” was founded by a failed science fiction writer. I too don’t understand why people would follow his beliefs and trust his interpretation of human history. As you said, L. Ron Hubbard’s claims are quite far fetched, however they are fascinating. You also mentioned that scientology has gained a celebrity following, which goes along with the motivation to make money, that we discussed in class. Another motivation at play is the want to be famous, and considering that L. Ron Hubbard was a failed writer, maybe he just wanted to gain some fame by coming up with such a radical set of beliefs.

    In your post you mentioned that according to scientology, humans are possessed by dead alien bodies. Immediately I just think of a sci-fi movie, and not an actual religion.

    The lack of evidence to support Hubbard’s claims really makes it hard to believe, while also considering he has zero archaeological experience. When considering the motivations behind pseudoarchaeological claims, its now pretty hard to give any credibility to Hubbard. Even though I don’t know much about scientology, I can tell why people are interested by it, and how it has gained a lot of attention.

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