Engaged Archaeology Project

For my engaged archaeology project, I chose to create a website, with the intention of teaching fellow college students about archaeology.  My website consists of a pre-quiz to test prior knowledge, a section with some basic facts and terms, a section which discusses sub-disciplines of archaeology, as well as a section that gives more information about how to get involved with archaeology.

Hopefully my website will inspire other students to learn more about archaeology.  Due to the fact that most college students (I would imagine) are not required to take an archaeology course, it would be great if more people were interested in archaeology.

I originally was unsure what to do with my website, and having no prior experience with designing websites, I was a little unsure if I would be able to design a decent website.  Luckily, I found a website that makes designing your own website relatively simple, with no programming experience required (wix.com).  I was pleasantly surprised with how my website turned out, considering that I had never done this before.

One issue that I ran into with my website, was when I tried looking for archaeological sites in the great lakes region.  I originally intended for my website’s “get involved” section to include sites that people could visit in the great lakes region.  Since these sites were difficult to find, I decided to just limit my “get involved” section to general info about getting involved with archaeology, that could apply anywhere, not just in the great lakes region.

I decided to keep the content on my site at a basic level, because I’m assuming that most people will not want to spend a bunch of time reading through a long list of very detailed explanations.  Hopefully, by keeping my content simple, yet interesting, my site will be able to hold the audience’s attention, and achieve the goal of this project: to engage the public and teach them a little more about archaeology.

Link to my site: http://dthockey21.wix.com/discoverarchaeology