Engaged Archaeology Project

For my Engaged Archaeology project, I made a card game intended to teach the public about archaeology. After hearing some of your feedback on my pitch, I refined the design of the game in order to find a balance between the educational aspect of the game, as well as the “fun” of the game.

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the card game, so I could not test it. I still have 38 cards to make, and I just did not have the time to design them and make the art for them. It would have been nice having another person helping out with the art. I do plan to finish the cards over the summer though. Then I will be able to play-test the game, and refine the design even further. As of now, I think that the design of the game is great! It follows the 3 phases involved in excavation, and I applied everything I learned from the class to the game. However, the design could be flawed becasue I have not play-tested.

In order to win the game, you either have to have the most points out of everyone, or you have to collect all 10 artifacts from the same class. There are 4 classes of artifacts in the game containing 10 cards each. Each artifact has a certain amount of points that add to your score.

I also included some pretty funny cards like the Pseudo-archaeologist’s Device. This card allows you to steal an artifact from another player, and blame it on aliens! I also created a card called Mr. Bull. When a player draws this card, they are ran over by a bull, and all of their technology breaks.

This project was very fun and exciting for me becasue I was able to apply my passion for game development to the project. I think that once finished, my card game will be able to teach the public a little bit about archaeology, and clear up any misconceptions they may have.