My engaged archaeology project

So for my project, I created a website that could inform the public about archaeology . In order to do that, I decided to create a quiz that is on the website. Visitors of the website can take the short quiz about a few fact and myths of archaeology. This quiz also includes instant  feedback with every question. The quiz questions were comprised of questions such as , Archaeology is a science, Truth or Myth; Archaeologists dig bones for a living Truth or Myth and many more. After the quiz I created tabs of what I think are the five most famous and significant archaeological finds of all time. These include the discovery of King  Tutankhamen’s tomb, the discovery of the Altamira Caves and the Olduvai Gorge, as well the discovery of the skeletons with metastatic cancer and atherosclerosis by the students in Durham University. I realize the last two are not a famous but I used those two articles for my blog during the semester and I think that those discoveries are of huge significance to both the medical and archaeological community. So the actual process of creating a website was a brutal one. I mentioned in my proposal that I knew  nothing about making a website and boy was I right. See  the format in which I wanted the website, with the interactive quiz could not be created using the website temples that and google.sites provides for you. It apparently needed to written using Java code. Since I have no clue how that works, I had to enlist a friend who was thankfully a computer science major. He showed me how to write the code, how to upload it and so on. I do not what I would have done without his help. Well the website is up and here is the LINK: Please check it out and let me know what you think.