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Hey everyone! This is the class blog – it the page where you will be turning in the majority of your assignments through posts and comments. Each week you will have two different posts and two different comments that you will need to submit. You can read more about those on the grading page. For practice before class starts, I want you guys to create your own post to introduce yourself to the class. Make sure you watch this tutorial first so you know how to do this correctly: [watch]

*** If you would like, you can turn in a video version of this post by uploading a 3-5 minute video on youtube and embedding it in your post. All you need is the embed code from youtube and you should be able to copy and paste it in here. There will be other opportunities throughout the semester to turn in a video post instead of a written one – I will let you know in the prompt when you can do so***

Title: A title for yourself – something unique about you that you might want to share with the rest of the class like “Aspiring Surgeon” or “1998 Spelling Bee Champion”

Body: Tell us a a few things about yourself:

  • Your name, year, major and anything else you want to share
  • Any previous experience in anthropology and why you are taking this class
  • Finally, include a picture of something that is relevant to you and tell us why you chose it – to post a picture from online, just copy and paste it into the body of the post.

Comment: In the comment section of someone else’s practice post, introduce yourself and mention what you found interesting about their post and if you have anything in common with them. You are free to comment on as many posts as you like!

Category: “Practice Post”

Due: Tuesday 7/3.

You can see above for my own example – feel free to comment on it!


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