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Hi my name is Nicholas Burnell. Everyone calls me Niko though. I am a senior IDS Health Studies major with my cognate in Psychology. I am hoping to pursue an accelerated nursing program after i graduate in december. I am from Brighton, MI. This will be my second anthropology class. I took sociocultural diversity last semester and liked learning about different cultures. I too like to travel and my family leaves the country every Christmas and has been doing that for about 15 years straight. Usually we stay in the Dominican Republic and go scuba diving. I would love to go to Europe especially Italy and Spain. I like to stay active and play sports. I just coached middle school lacrosse for east lansing this last semester. My new hobby is to make beer at home. After trying plenty of craft beers and going to beer festivals my girlfriend bought me a brewing kit. I have moved up to using a 5 gallon brewing kit and just made a German Hefeweizen with my dad this father’s day. I can’t wait to start another recipe.

Craft Beer Sampler



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  1. Hi Niko – So glad you have the anthro bug… this class will not disappoint. It will be a great addition to your knowledge base, especially as you head into a career in nursing. Welcome to ANP 204! Also, please change your display name to your first and last name for the sake of the course, that way I can find your comments easier when it comes time to grading. Thanks!

  2. Hey Niko!
    I just turned 21 and have become an avid beer fan as well. I’m going to the Michigan Summer Beer Festival later this month which I’m sure you know about. It will be my first beer festival but I am very excited!
    -Rachel Ceccarelli

    • If it is the festival in Ypsilanti you will love it I went last year. If it weren’t for a wedding i would be going again this year. Best advice is to use all your tokens and try ones you wouldn’t order in a bar or buy in the store since you dont have the risk of wasting money on beers you dont like

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