Don’t Call It A Comeback

Hey there!  I’m Andrea. I JUST officially hit senior status after first session.  When I graduate I will have a B.S. in anthropology. This summer is my first semester back after taking a year and a half off to work and get some things straightened out. Now I’m back and better than ever! Being able to step away for a while allowed me think about what I really wanted to do in life. I am taking this class because medical anthropology is extremely interesting to me and a lot of my studies have focused in the field.  Before my “leave of absence”, I wanted to go in to bioethics and get my masters and what not in that field, but after some soul searching I realize I want to do something that deals more directly with people and I have decided that public relations is more me. So after undergrad I will be pursuing a masters in PR.

Fun facts about me…. hmmmm….. I am a social butterfly.  I love to EAT, shop and hang out with my friends, sometimes all at the same time. Don’t get it twisted though. I love camping and fishing and being outdoors. I love animals! My dog is my child. Her name is Suki, and she is an extremely spoiled 21 month old pit bull who thinks everyone is her best friend. That’s Suki with me in the picture I posted.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Call It A Comeback

  1. Hi Andrea! I was in the same boat about not really knowing and for the longest it freaked me out! I finally figured it out though and I am happy you have found something that you love! I have always been a firm beliver in finding what you love and making it work for you! Suki is very cute and I love her name!

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