Philosophy Major

Hi everyone,

My name is Ashley Hall and I’m a senior majoring in Philosophy. The most experience I have with Anthropology is when I took a class on Archaeology. Although I am a Philosophy major, I’ve very interested in learning about how cultures evolve and why they do the things they do as I see that as a foundation for understanding communities as a whole. Beyond my curiosity in these areas, I also love to travel, and enjoy music and fashion. Here is a picture of me at Lollapalooza last summer.

3 thoughts on “Philosophy Major

  1. Hi Ashley – I think your background in Philosophy will definitely help you in this course. Welcome to ANP 204! Also, please change your display name to read “Ashley Hall” instead of your net id. Thanks!

  2. Hi Ashley! You mentioned you were at Lollapalooza last summer. I’m jealous I didn’t get to go then, but I am going to it this summer, which I’m super excited for! (And during which I will of course be dutifully checking our anthro website every day.)

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