Continent Hopping Physician

Hey Everyone!

My name is Rachel Ceccarelli and I’ll be entering my senior year at MSU this fall. I’m majoring in Human Biology and plan on pursuing an MPH/MD degree. I’m originally from Grosse Ile, MI, but I’m living in East Lansing this summer so in my free time I like to play tennis, bike ride, and go to the pool. After graduation I hope to travel throughout Europe with my friends before I have to commit to grad/med school. I went on a trip to Honduras over spring break where I was able to shadow physicians that worked in underprivileged communities for little to no charge, which is what I would ultimately like to do.

This will be my first anthropology class. I’ve always wanted to take an Anthropology course so I’m really excited to be taking this class that also incorporates medicine.

This is of photo of me (in the middle) on my spring break trip in the community in Honduras in which we were working. This was probably one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to give back to these families.

2 thoughts on “Continent Hopping Physician

  1. Hey Rachel! I really enjoy hearing about your hopes go overseas and help underprivileged people. I want to work in public health too and would ultimately like to work in underprivileged areas as well. Its great to hear from other people with similar interests!

  2. I was on that trip too. Honduras was awesome. I have to agree it was probably one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I still wonder if we did a little more harm than good on the architecture brigade day. But I guess that’s why everyone was going into either the medical or dental fields.

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