Finally Going To Graduate

Hi everyone. My name is Steve Papalas. I am a fifth year senior here at Michigan State. At first I was a Mechanical Engineering student but then I changed to an Economics major half way through my junior year. Needless to say I had some catching up to do since hardly any of my past credits transferred to my new found major. I have dabbled in many of wonderful courses that this university has had to offer including a few anthropology classes. The anthropology classes I have taken were pretty interesting so I decided to take two more this summer. It also helps that theses classes fulfill my arts & letters requirements for my Economics degree. After this summer, I have one class in the fall and then I will finally be graduated. It has taken a little longer than expected, but it has been a great ride.


I used this picture of TPC Sawgrass because it is one if my favorite golf courses and I was able to play there this summer. That was an experience I will never forget.

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