Science Wizard turned Pre-med student

Hi, my name is Dominique Sanchez and I am a senior. I’ll be graduating in December, finishing up my 2nd bachelors. I’ll have a degree in Spanish and also one in Human Biology, the latter is why I took my first anthropology class. Last spring, I took ANP441: Forensic Anthropology and Osteology with Dr. Fenton and it was a ridiculously interesting class. I’m taking this class because I needed some electives in order to reach a certain amount of credits and it sounded genuinely interesting. I’m not taking this class because I have to, it’s because it interests me and I believe it will compliment my other coursework nicely for my application to medical school. Interesting fact: in the 2nd grade I was a part of this group called “The Science Wizards” and I met Bill Nye because of this.

These four years at Michigan State have been amazing and I’m going to be sad to go. I love MSU and Sparty, which is why I’ve chosen this picture.

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