Aspiring D.O.

Hey Everybody.  My name is Braxton Anderson.  I graduated last May with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Studies from MSU.  For the last year I have been working on finishing up my prereqs for medical school. My previous experience in anthropology, besides everyday life, is limited to a few courses I have taken at MSU. I’m taking this course because it’s relevant to what I am pursuing and sounded interesting.

This is a picture of me holding my recently adopted sister from China! This was taken on one of our bus rides through Guangzhou. She just turned 4 years old this weekend. We threw her a Curious George themed birthday party. It was epic.

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  1. Your sister is ADORABLE! I happen to love Curious George myself. Congratulations on having on new sister. I have 4 siblings, so I know how special that is. Hope you had a good 4th of July!

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