Dog Lover

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Young and I will be a senior at MSU in the fall. My major is IDS in Health and Society. My goal is to complete my degree by next summer and enter  into Physician Assistant school the next year. Summertime is my favorite time of the year! I am a Server at Outback Steakhouse and currently trying to find a job as a nurse assistant. I am actually currently enrolled in ANP 201 and took another anthropology class at a community college so I am a little familiar with anthropology. I switched into this class because it seems interesting and I am excited to learn more!

I love dogs and this is my new puppy Roxie I got a week ago!


1 thought on “Dog Lover

  1. Hey Amanda. I love dogs too. The first thing I will be doing after medical school is getting an english bulldog haha. I considered the P.A. route too for a while. That’s definitely a good path to be on. Good luck to you! My family and I frequent Outback quite a bit too. My favorites are the grilled chicken sandwich and filet mignon. And now I’m hungry. Take it easy.

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