Former collegiate athlete with the traveling bug

Hello there, my name is Monique Carter and I am a fifth year senior and my major is Interdisciplinary Social Science and Health Studies. I also have a cognate in history. I was a student athlete for 4 years in college. I got recruited to row on the varsity women’s rowing team. We have won 2 Big Ten Championships when I was on the team and it was a great experience. We traveled a lot while I was on the team. We would go to California, Austin Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, and many other places. More recently I went on vacation to the Bahamas about 2 weeks ago with my family. It was amazing and the water was beautiful. I am from New York City and recently relocated to Georgia and I plan on finding a job out here and I have a ton of family out here as well. In the past I have taken three ANP courses. I took ANP 200(Navigating Another Culture), ANP 202(Bio-cultural Evolution), and ANP 270(Women & Health Anthropology Perspective and all the courses have been very interesting thus far. I hope to gain a better understanding of Medical Anthropology and I believe this class is a good starting point for me.

The picture below is of me during my sophomore year. I chose this picture because it is one of my most memorable experiences as an athlete at Msu. This year I was in the first varsity 8 boat and we won 1st. place at Big Tens and my team won its second Big Ten Championship in 2009.
Row Mo!



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  1. Hi my name is Isabella Wohl and I really liked your blog post, mainly because I thought your college experience seemed really interesting. I love to travel but can’t say I have left North America but would love to go to the Bahamas. Also, I see that you recently moved to Georgia and I was actually there about a year ago and loved it, I hope to go back one day!

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