Aspiring Geriatric Physician and Part-Time Film Historian

Hi Everyone, my name is Francesca Gucciardo (yes, I am Italian, well Sicilian to be exact) and I am currently a senior here at MSU. I am one course away from getting my B.S. in Psychology, with a specialization in Bioethics, and I am taking the rest of the year to finish up my pre-med requirements. I have done a lot of volunteer work in Lansing-area hospitals and have been assisting in research projects here on campus. My goal is to go to med school and then specialize in geriatric medicine, as a geriatric primary physician. I have been volunteering in nursing homes since I was in middle school, and I’ve concentrated on this field for quite awhile.

In my free time I am an amateur film historian. I do A LOT of research on film history, specifically the classic era, from the silent period through the early 1960’s. I like to also research historical events and then look-up how they were depicted in films of the golden age.  I am constantly tracking down rare films and have stacks of notebooks full of research and tons of books on the history of the film industry. I know to about 99% of the population, silent and old B&W’s don’t sound interesting, so I won’t be offended if nobody shares this interest. My favorite movie of all time is the 1937 version of “Lost Horizon” with Ronald Colman, directed by Frank Capra. FDR loved this movie, and the James Hilton book it was based on, so much that when he founded “Camp David”(which is the name Eisenhower changed it to while he was in office), it was originally named “Shangri-La”, like in the movie. I also enjoy Garbo and Gilbert silents, Hitchcock films, particularly from the late-1930’s-1953, and of course anything with Bette Davis or Katharine Hepburn. If I wasn’t going into the medical field, I would go back to school and get my film history degrees and try to get my second dream job, a film historian at the film archives for the Library of Congress.

I plan on dedicating myself to improving the primary health care and the all around end-of-life care plans, for seniors and the elderly on limited-budgets. That’s why I think this class will be interesting, because it studies the culture around health care systems. I’ve only taken one other anthropology course, but I enjoyed it very much, so I’m looking forward to this course.

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