I chose the biological approach as being most useful to me in studying health because it deals with genetics and the environment.  Genetics definitely has a lot to do with health.  Environment too can easily affect health.  And if individual choice means things like to smoke or not to smoke then they also affect health.  I think these are some of the most obvious things when you think of health so it’s good to try to understand them fully.

The difference between disease and illness is that disease is more clinical and defined.  Illness is more subjective.  It is more dependent on cultural and social contexts.  Some people would consider something an illness while others wouldn’t.  I do not think the difference is very obvious because of how much they can overlap.

The culture that Miner is talking about is American culture.  This is the second time I had to read this for a class.  The first time I got all the way through it and did not figure it out.  Someone had to tell me.  This time through it definitely made more sense.

The ritual of going to the holy mouth men once or twice a year, going to the dentist, shows the large emphasis put on good oral hygiene.  From the perspective in the article it sounds pretty barbaric.  People are willing to go through quite a bit of pain sometimes to be healthy.  The charm box filled with charms, also known as medicine cabinets, shows a large dependence on medicine.  Even after they forget what the medication does they still keep it around.  It’s like if worst comes to worst at least you know there is something there that might help.  The last ritual is going to see the medicine men in the latipso, or doctors at the hospital.  It says that, “every-day life the Nacirema avoids exposure of his body and its natural functions.”  Basically, medical treatment and health tend to outweigh most other considerations.

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