Menstruation and Old Age

My definition of health is the biological state of ones body. I do not necessarily believe it to be good or bad. Illness to me is when the mental state of one is
compromised into believing that something is wrong physically. Can
not be tested or shown to have some sort of proof that it exist. I
believe the terms came from society when so many issues arose with
health. People need to make sense and clarify things to either
justify or determine if they are in the same category. No one wants
to say that their sickness is the same as another if one has a mental
issue and another has the common cold. I think for these  reasons it
is hard to identify if these two words describe an illness or not.
Old age can not truly be tested based upon how a person feels or acts
because it can vary from person to person. Menstruation is a natural
bodily process that can be proven through test but we treat it as a
disease with various medications. Both can easily be seen as an
illness or not because of the various contexts and perceptions of
what is normal for that person.

I believe spirit possession is an illness because it can not be proven. Some people can simply be seen as acting or pranking someone. There is no way to show another spirit
has possessed ones body. Most people depending on their religious
affiliations would simply brush it off or take it seriously. This
could also vary depending on what is considered spirit possession to
the individual.

While some people believe restless leg syndrome to be a disease, I think of it more as an illness. It is on of those “diseases” most people do not know they have until they
watch a commercial for it. I think it is a mental issue that then manifest into an actual “symptom”, although it can still not be
tested for.

Cancer is not an illness because it is an actual manifestation of an abnormality in ones body. While they say that your mental state can either help or hinder its progression or remission, it does not begin that way. Most people do not believe
that they have cancer until it has been proven.


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