The approach I chose that I believe will be useful for studying health is the applied approach. This approach seems to me have to do with all the aspects of health. It’s doesn’t only have to do with western medicine but includes other ways people practice.

The difference between disease and illness depends on the individual because some people believe disease and illness are the same while others consider they are different. I believe there is a distinction between disease and illness. A disease is described as an abnormal disorder affecting the body of a being. Illness is defined as a “state experienced by the body when one or more of the control systems lose the ability to maintain homeostasis”. Those two definitions is shy I believe there is a difference between illness and disease. “Every disease is an illness but not every illness is a disease”.

Miner is talking about the North American culture is his story The Body Ritual of the Nacirema. I recognized very early within the first two paragraphs of his article. The first is the “holy-mouth man” which in reality is called the dentist. Most people are cautious about how their teeth look and how their breath smells. No one really wants to hear from someone their breath smells bad or their teeth are not so clean. Society puts value the dentist because some want to have their teeth be as white as the stars teeth are. However the dentist is also there to help people who have pain associated with the teeth decaying or anything that has to do with the mouth. Second is the “listener” which I couldn’t get at first and had to read it two more times to get it. Society does place value on psychiatrists and etc. to help them solve problems they believe they can’t on their own. However going to see a counselor can very well save someone’s life. Third is the one I found most interesting “bake their heads in small ovens”. I personally love having my hair done a lot so reading it was an eye opener. Miner is basically saying American woman put so much value on their hair we are welling stuck them in small ovens to look good.

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