My definition of health is maintaining a balance of physical, mental, and social characteristics. A person has their physical health, which would not only be the absence of disease or illness but the quality of your body and organs. Mental health can be the ability for higher cognitive function and stability of emotions. Lastly I believe our society must be healthy and be functioning as a cohesive unit of impressive individuals.

My definition for illness would be any condition that causes your body to not maintain homeostasis. When people claim to be ill there is not always a clear-cut answer for why they are feeling poorly or just not right. So I categorize anything that affects your bodies normal functioning and homeostatic state.

I view disease as a permanent, chronic, or serious change in the functioning ability of your body. Viruses, genetic mutations, or any foreign pathogen can cause or lead to disease. I also think of disease as something your bodies’ immune system has a tough time defeating and that’s why the changes can be permanent.

I think of cancer as a disease and not an illness because it is caused by damage to cells that causes mutations. The cells can be benign or malignant and can rapidly multiply depending on the genetic code. The one thing about cancer is that the disease can affects multiple body systems and can cause side effects that would be viewed as an illness like headaches or fatigue.

I would categorize HIV as an illness because HIV can stay dormant in a persons system in a lysogenic state and once it begins its lytic cycle AIDS will develop and now it has progressed into a disease with permanent altering effects. It is a very devastating disease because your bodies’ defense system and immune system starts attacking themselves. This leaves the body vulnerable to more illnesses and possibly diseases. This one was the hardest to classify for me.

I would classify erectile dysfunction as an illness because on of the main cause of erectile dysfunction is mental and psychological issues. This illness may not be permanent and can be treated with therapy. The psychological problems may they be anxiety or low self-esteem are not a disease. The inability to perform sexually is just a movement away from normal homeostatic function.

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