Old Age


Health, in my own words, could be defined as not being ill, sick, or having a disease. Illness, on the other hand, I would define as being sick, or in other terms, not healthy. Illness can describe an actual condition a person may have, or just the mental state of not feeling well. I think these ideas came from a combination of multiple sources including family, culture (society), media, school, etc. One of the most important influences on these ideas I would say is society, because society teaches us certain ways to think about and deal with our health and illnesses and each society deals with these things differently.

One of most difficult conditions to place in a category, for me atleast, was old age. After contemplating whether old age would be an illness or not, I decided that it is, indeed, not an illness. Although there can be many illnesses associated with old age, old age itself is not always something that affects health. Aging is a natural process that every person must go through, and although illness may come with getting older, it does not necessarily always bring on illness.

Three other conditions from the list include migraines, cancer, and HIV. All three of these I would consider an illness. Migraines are something that I personally suffer from, and something that has greatly affected my life in a negative way. Most migraines are caused by imbalances, or nerve interactions, in the brain, and can be very painful. Continuing on, I do not think that anyone would not consider cancer an illness. Cancer has many side effects that cause illness in many people all over the world, and has a great emotional toll. Finally is HIV. HIV is a virus that can be transmitted person to person, and has a large effect on the immune system of its host. Overall, all three of these conditions can have a great effect on the mental, physical, and social stand point of their victims which is why I consider them illnesses.

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