To me health is physical and emotional. It’s about how you are objectively in terms of pathology and subjectively in terms of self regard and social comfort. I am certain that my ideas come from everything I am surounded by. People often think what they do based on one or all of three means; cultural tradition, familial indoctrination, and social acceptance.
I regard the flu as a disease because it has a physical virulence factor, something that can be addressed through vaccinations. Erectile dysfunction in my opinion is not a disease but may be an illness depending on one’s perceptions of it. I think that it is a natural thing that often occurs with age. If someone is still young but experiences it perhaps then it may be called a disease. Cancer is also a disease in my opinion.

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  1. I had to submit what I could before the deadline but I would like to add to it.

    Personally, I’m concerned with over-medicalization. I hesitate to define something as a disease. There are many legal ramifications and sociocultural interpretations when you paste that label.

    It’s also difficult to decide what is abnormal and what is natural in human development. Then again what’s wrong with altering what’s natural when that’s what we’ve been doing for most of human history. But this is veering off topic and becoming abstract.

    Many people object to psychological diseases and say madness is something manufactured. But when brain activity can be quantified and hormones can be followed and correlated to mental activity the case can be made that psychological illnesses are biomedically solid. I always feel more comfortable describing things with physical manifestations as a disease rather than mental ones. I would not consider anxiety or migraines as a disease.

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