Cancer, Spirit Possession, Old Age

My definition of health applies to both the physical and mental state of a person.  Being physically healthy involves eating right, maintain a moderate level of activity
but not necessarily working out, and keeping your body in working properly to
the best of your ability.  When it comes to being mentally healthy, it is hard to explain my definition because each people have their own definition of what is mental health to them.  The best way I can describe it is just feeling healthy.  This wasn’t always how
I would have described health, originally I felt that being health was an
absence of taking any drugs.  I am currently working on my Masters in Public Health and that has taken a large role in helping shape my current view on not only having physical health but also having mental health.  Public health looks at not only the physical health of communities but their mental health and it is key when looking at public health programs that a communities mental health is also taken into account.

I chose cancer as an illness because it fits my definition for health in the fact that cancer occurs when your body isn’t working properly.  It occurs when the cells are
dividing out of control and the body isn’t able to maintain the proper cycle of
cell life and cell death.  I would classify spirit possession as an illness because it is an example of you possibly not being mentally healthy.  I said that old age is not an illness because you can be a healthy aging person.  As I stated in my definition, health is maintaining your body to the best of your ability, old age is a fact of life and I know plenty of old people that were healthy but it was just their time to go.

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