W2 Activity Post Prompt

Title: Choose ONE of the three Unnatural Causes episodes you watched to analyze in this post – write the title here (e.g. “When the Bough Breaks”)

Body: (300-400 words)

  • How did you do on the Health Equity Quiz? (be honest!) Which statistics did you find the most surprising?
  • We often think that development, urbanization, and globalization mean greater health among local populations. However, this is not always the case. Pick one of the case studies from the unnatural causes episodes and summarize it.
  • Explain how politics, economics, environment, culture, biology and individual choice influence the development, spread and treatment of illness.

Comment: (200-300 words)

  • Pick a post which analyzes a different case study.
  • Discuss a possible solution to this health problem based on the summary in the post.
    • Is your solution political? Biological? Individual? Economical?…
    • Who should be responsible for alleviating this health problem? Locals? Doctors? The government?…
    • What are the potential pros and cons of this solution?

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Post Due: Friday 7/13

Comment Due: Sunday 7/15

1 thought on “W2 Activity Post Prompt

  1. This is a difficult but all too common phenomenon. With the families locked in a cycle of poverty, they are unable to afford a better residence, which contributes to sickness, which then puts the families in more debt. In most cases, the government should contribute more, through things social programs and cheaper healthcare. Their needs to be help from multiple areas to actually solve this problem though. The government should step in and assist these families in getting acceptable living conditions, improving their economic situation, and helping the people get medical attention, but the community should play an important role as well. The community can be essential in reducing the stress to its members by offering a social safety net, which is just neighbors looking out for each other. Basically the government could improve the economic situation by lowering taxes for the area, raising minimum wage, or by attempting to stimulate job growth for the residents. This might alleviate many of the problems, but could also put a large strain on government resources. In the end it really just depends on how the government functions and how it is willing to help its citizens. A good model to look at would be many of social programs instituted in European countries.

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