W2 Reflection Post Prompt

Title: Write down the “race/s” you identify with and a health disparity that is disproportionately prevalence among that group.  (e.g. “Hypertension among African Americans”, “Cystic Fibrosis among White Americans”, “Cervical Cancer among Asian women”, etc)

Body: (300-400 words)

  • Insert a graph or image illustrating this health disparity CITE YOUR SOURCE
  • Explain the health disparity you chose in your title and explain why you think it is so prevalent among that group (genetic factors? social determinants?…) CITE YOUR SOURCES
  • Based on the materials from this week, explain the relationship between race, genetics, and health. Be thorough in your explanation and use examples from class.

Comment: (200-300 words)

  • Choose a post that identified a different health disparity in their title
  • Read through their post and evaluate their explanation of the relationship between race, genetics and health? Is there something they didn’t consider? Did they mention something you wouldn’t have considered?
  • Tell them how useful you think racial categories are in clinical studies and offer them a better way of talking about racialized health disparities.

Category: “W2 Reflection”

Post Due: Friday 7/13

Comment Due: Sunday 7/15

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