Collateral Damage

I honestly didn’t do so well on the health equity quiz. I was really surprised by most of the statistics. The statistics on life expectancy were really astonishing. The fact we were ranked in the top five fifty years ago, and now we are ranked 29th is not a good thing. I also thought it was ridiculous that the best predictor of one’s health is whether or not your wealthy.

This video was about the Marshallese People, and the inequality that exists in the world.  It started off by explaining the dense population that exists on the island. Such a large population in a tiny area creates the spread of infectious diseases very easy. Tuberculosis is one of the major problems on the island. There are very high rates. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease, so living in close courters makes the spread even easier. The longevity in the Marshall Islands is much lower than the U.S.  Even their resources are limited. For example, they have to travel to another island, and pay to do a simple load of laundry.  Some Marshallese people get a chance to escape the poverty of the island, and work in the U.S. But even though they are away from the island, they still see the effects of infectious diseases and cultural disruptions. Overall, inequalities and wealth effect health.

There are many factors that influence the development, spread, and treatment of illness. Individual choice is very important. In the video, it mentioned how some people didn’t want others knowing they were living with Tuberculosis, so they failed to see a doctor, or asked for health, which can be more damaging in the long run. I believe economics and the environment are the two most influential.  People living in poverty don’t have access to proper medical care and prescription drugs to prevent, and cure a disease. I think with equal resources, there would be a lot less death from disease in the world.

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  1. I think that a solution to the Marshallese people’s problem would be to have a better way to get access to simple everyday things like doing laundry. They also need to set up a way to make room for all of the people or else pay for those who volunteer to leave and move off of the island.
    I think that this is a political problem because it is up to the government to take action to make these sorts of things happen. The government needs to take charge of its people and make the island a better place for them to live if that is what they want to do. The fact that so many people are getting sick is not just because they are so close together. There should be prevention programs that make it possible for people not to get sick in the first place. I know you can’t avoid illness forever but it should be able to be slowed down with vaccinations.
    The pros of this solution would be that people could actually stay on their island and not have too much change with their lives. A con would be that people will still get sick and since there are so many people for the amount of space, it will continue to spread with people so close to one another.

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