In Sickness and In Wealth

I think I did pretty well on the health quiz. I got score 9 out of 10 on the quiz. I had already heard a lot about our health care statistics as a country and how as one of the richest countries in the world we rate very poorly in health care and life expectancy. The health care statistic I was more surprised about and the only question I got wrong was about how recent Latino immigrants have better health outcomes than other U.S. populations.

In the episode 1 of the unnatural causes episodes titled In Sickness and In Wealth, the episode takes place in Louisville Kentucky. It compares three different people on different rungs of the socioeconomic ladder and there corresponding health. The outcomes to this study showed that the more income a person makes correlates to better health and longer life expectancy than a person with lower income. The study showed that people on the top rung have better access to healthy living choices and less stress leading to an overall healthier life while people on the farther down on the ladder haves less resources and more stress in their lives leading to poorer overall health and shorter live spans. Also the clip discussed that racial inequality also plays a part health as well.

The development, spread and treatment of illness is influenced many different issues in today’s world. Politics and government play a big role in health care. Each country is different in the way they run their health care system and how the government allocates money for healthcare issues. Some governments have better health care for this reason. Economics also plays role in illness as well. The better of a country is economically generally the healthy its people are and have a longer life expectancy because of better development and treatment of illnesses. Culture plays a role too in the spread of illness. In the lecture this week Schistosomiasis was discussed and its spread was a cultural one because playing in the water was rite of passage for young boys while some women don’t go in the water would be less likely to contract the parasite. There are many more factors the influence the illness.

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