Heart Disease among African Americans


CHD Rates


(Rahaman, 2011)

“Heart disease includes a variety of problems that affects the heart muscle and vessels. This can include hardening of the arteries, narrowing of the arteries, irregular heart rhythm and blood pressure issues. There are different types of heart disease and diagnosis and treatment is based on the type and severity. Both men and women can be affected by this disease and risk factors can be based on lifestyle choices as well as genetics”. (Rozanski-harlach)

Heart disease is prevalent amongst African Americans not because of a one reason there are a couple of reasons that factor in.”High blood pressure, diabetes, the incidence is very high, obesity, the incidence may be the highest, and even physical inactivity. When you put together all of these negative risk factors, you now set up a scenario where this group of individuals, unfortunately, is at extreme risk for heart disease, and in fact, that risk is realized on a day-to-day basis” (Clyde W. Yancy).  There are different types of heart disease for example there is coronary artery disease which is the most common type is the foremost source of heart attacks. Another is heart failure when the heart is not able to pump blood through the body as well as it should. We can lower our risk of heart disease by doing simple things such as exercising to main a healthy weight, keep your cholesterol low, drink alcoholic beverages in moderation, try to stay away from trans-fat, and etc.

I believe there is a relationship between health and genetics but I didn’t believe race in that relationship. Race is something that society created and like it was said in the second lecture there is no examination for race.  In the first lecture genetics play an important part in Africans developing immunity towards malaria. With them developing an immunity to malaria their health was not in jeopardy.


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