Not Just A Paycheck

I managed to get 7 out of 10 on the Health Equity quiz, which was not much of a surprise.The only question that actually stuck out to me was question regarding recent Latino immigrants. That they have better health than us is not really surprising, but it does point to the larger issue of poor health in a very affluent culture. If people are coming to our country to improve their lives, their health should improve along with other aspects of their life. Our affluence and culture are the very things that are worsening the citizens’ health.

                Not Just a Paycheck was a look at the effects of an event (corporation shutting down a plant) that causes the loss of multitudes of jobs and how the community is effected in regards to their health. This case showed how the town Greensville, MI was adversely affected after the shutdown of the Electrolux plant. The plant was moved down to Juarez, Mexico, and a large portion of the population in Greensville became unemployed. This created tensions that had serious health risks, not only for the unemployed workers, but their families as well. The additional stress causes health issues such as depression, gastrointestinal issues, and cardiac problems. These workers are then compared to the wealthy that live in the surrounding region. These people unsurprisingly show very little of this stress and have access to better health care in general. The workers are also compared to their counter parts in Sweden who have undergone a similar circumstance, but do not show these adverse health effects. The program examines the differences in support that the workers in Sweden gain from the corporation and government programs and eventually suggests that this aid has a tremendous impact on the health of workers. Basically it summarizes that if the population in Greensville, MI had received the same type of aid, they would not have suffered as many health related issues from the closure of the Electrolux plant.

                Politics, economics, environment, culture, biology and individual choice all have an enormous influence on the development, spread and treatment of illness. You culture and politics effect what you perceive as illness, where your environment, political situation, economic situation, cultural ideas, biological issues and individual choices all help to determine how you react to and treat illness. These reactions can determine if an illness spreads or if it is contained and treated.

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  1. The best way to help these people who have lost their jobs due to the closure is to have some form of temporary government aid to help the families stay up on mortgages and other payments while a new job is being found. By temporary I mean giving aid to these families for a few months, this way the families do not get too attached to the aid that they stop looking for jobs and live completely off the welfare. This would be a political solution because it has direct help from the government. This help allows the families to live without overpowering levels of stress, which is never good for anyone while looking for a more permanent solution to their recent loss of a job. Without this program the people would succumb to stress, and that stress will become too much for them and they will eventually become sick. If they become sick, they will have even less time to search for a job, which then throws their family into poverty, which can lead to even more illness. Pros for this solution would be families being able to stay where they are while a job is found to get them back on their feet. A potential con would be a family becoming too attached to the program paying them and they do not find a job. Eventually throwing that family into poverty, and a stressful environment.

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