Prevalence among Caucaian Women


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Percent of Women:

  • Total: 10.1
  • Non-Hispanic White: 12.6
  • Non-Hispanic Black: 3.2
  • Hispanic: 3.5


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Health Resources and Services Administration Website


Osteoporosis had found to be more prevalent among Caucasian women compared to other ethnicities. The graph above shows that among Non-Hispanic Whites it about 4 times higher than in Non-Hispanic Black and Hispanics. Some of the risk factors for osteoporosis could shed some light on why Caucasian women are more susceptible to it. Since family history of osteoporosis is a risk factor it is easy to see that there is a genetic component it would create a health disparity among a group. Also the US National Library published an article that states that there is a correlation between bone density and race which would cause some ethnicities to have bones that would be weaker and easier to fracture since they would have a lower bone density to the other ethnic counterparts. Similarly hormones play a role in osteoporosis and therefore could be another key to why there is a health disparity among Caucasian women. Since hormones can be affected by some foods in a person’s diet and different ethnicities consume different foods then there could a correlation between hormones levels and different ethnicities.

From this week’s lectures it was shown there is a relationship between race, genetics and health. The relationship between race and genetics is closely related. In lecture 2 this week we talked about the Genotype Hypothesis. Since there is a genetic drift and gene flow among races their genetics are similar as well. The relationship between genetics and health is also interrelated. Some genes can cause or prevent certain illness and consequently affecting one’s health. Furthermore from lecture 2 we learned that the Pima Indians which are a race that shares similar genetic material has a health disparity with Type 2 Diabetes which causes this group to have a statistically higher chance of having the disease. This shows there is a link between race, genetics and health.


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