When the Bough Breaks

I did not do as good on the quiz as I thought I would I got a 5/10. They were a couple of statistics that were surprising to me. First is the American life expectancy being 29th in the nation I knew we weren’t number one (had a feeling Japan or China would be first) but 29th never crossed my mind. Second was the average life expectancy between countries in the USA is 15 years I was thinking along the lines of five years. Third was the question about the parking space difference in predominately white neighborhood and Black and Latino neighborhood. Though something like these never crossed my mind but knowing the information now it’s shocking. Last was a surprising statistic at first but when I really thought about it made sense is the best factor for health is wealth.  When you have money it’s easier for you stay health since you can afford it.

When the bough breaks is an episode which scrutinizes the phenomenon that African American women normally are significantly more likely to give birth to premature babies or have babies that are low in weight than white. Two neonatologists talk about how exposure to racism can have a factor on health. Even when factors like income and education are the same African American still give birth prematurely or have low weight babies. This episode shows and example of African American woman is a successful woman in good health but still had her baby two and a half months early.

Politics, economics, environment, culture, biology and individual choice influence the development can help the blowout and treatment of illness. In when the bough breaks talks about have racism is the reason African American woman have premature or low birth weights babies. In the USA we did not have universal health care as in other countries they do I believe politics play a major role in it. Since we don’t have universal health is harder for people who cannot afford healthcare and don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare to go to the doctor to get better. Some cultures believe don’t believe in going to a doctor to get help them have their own way to treat it. This also goes hand and hand with an individual’s choice not to receive care for the treatment of their illness.

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